Russian Avant-Garde

Isn’t it enough [to ask] from us a dull life, in which nothing is valued, nothing is realized, in which everything is—scenery and decoration: man is decorated, his living space is decorated, his thoughts are decorated, everything is decorated by things that are alien and unneeded, in order to hide the emptiness of life

Up until now, they haven’t seen life, this simple thing, they haven’t known it, that it is so simple, clear, and only needs to be organized and cleared of all manner of applied trimmings.

Work for life, and not for palaces, temples, cemeteries, and museums.

Work amid everyone, for everyone, and with everyone.

There is nothing eternal, everything is temporary.

Consciousness, experience, goals, mathematics, technology, industry, and construction—this is what is above all else, above art.

Long live constructive technology.

Long live the constructive approach to each endeavor.


— Alexander Rodchenko